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from God Rest Ye Madmen by Immelmann



The cage that locks us in
is slowly growing tighter
and the rising water
grows colder with hints of coming winter.

Will we drown in here?
Will the ice consume us all?
Or, if we survive,
will the summer sun boil us alive?


In the search for paradise
you've made a Sodom out of Eden.
The sky is caving in
from the pressure of your treason.

A year in Hell has proved
that the plan was long in motion
to reduce the world to ash
as a sign of your devotion.

We are brainwashed;
we are sleeping at the wheel.
The needle "Ex Cathedra"
pricks where we're too numb to feel.

We are trapped in permafrost
while you rip the heaven's veil.
Frozen while the Earth is scoured
by fire, blood, and hail.


Trapped, beaten, strangled,
and you ask why we suffer?
You set the world on fire
and tell us what we should have done.

All of us are poisoned now
and we drown in our mother's blood;
we'll find the antidote
when we drag you through the mud.

We have slept walk past
the point of no return.
Some of us will starve to death,
the rest of us will burn.

The end of all things -
when seven trumpets sound,
no savior will arrive:
mankind frozen underground.



from God Rest Ye Madmen, released December 22, 2020
Vocaloids provided by Kazumi




Immelmann Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Seeking the darkness.

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