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from You Left Us by Immelmann



when the sunlight falls
orange pain casts through the cracks of the window panes
what do you feel?

when the drinks run dry
and no one's left to call, no one's left to scream,
is he there?

does the blood slow and turn to mud?
are your limbs heavy, have they turned to stone?
does nothing get through?

when it's finally dark,
and the world cools, and slows down,
whose voice to you hear?

where did you go?
what did you find there?
where did you go?
are you happy?

when you limped off into the woods,
what did you expect to happen?
or did you know? did you know all along
what you were escaping?

safe there, in nowhere
leaving us to pick up the pieces;
leaving us to weather the storm.

was it worth it, you bastard?
and why stop there?
so much more you can run from, hide from.
it would suit you.

where did you go?
what did you find there?
where did you go?

and i wish i could have done something
and i hope they find peace
and i hope you can forgive me
and i wish the rain would never cease

and i never saw the bodies


from You Left Us, released October 23, 2018




Immelmann Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Seeking the darkness.

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